Customized production

Don't settle for standard sizes and let us take care of your custom packaging. Whether it concerns corrugated cardboard sheets, folding boxes, shipping boxes, pallet boxes or XXL boxes, we provide you with the right packaging for the right price!

Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated sheets


As a bottom sheet, separator or top cover, sheets of corrugated board are optimal deployable for storing, protecting and transporting your products. Custom made from 25 pieces and up to a size of 2400 x 5000 mm. If necessary, we can provide these corrugated cardboard sheets with extra folding lines, perforation lines or die-cut processing.

Folding boxes


Folding boxes are widely used as shipping packaging, as an folding box or as a bottom-lid construction. We produce all your white or brown boxes to measure and in various constructions and qualities from 200 m2 and up to a size of 800x600x600 mm. Optionally provided with extra folding lines, handles and perforation lines.

Corrugated Cardboard Folding Boxes
Corrugated Cardboard Moving Boxes

Moving boxes


Moving boxes are also used for storage, archiving and relocations. In addition to our own neutrally printed Moving Box, we can produce your box in different sizes in various qualities, single wall or double wall. Production from 250 pieces and if necessary we can also provide these moving boxes with handles and a reinforcement ribbon.

Wrapping packaging


Wrapping packaging is the ideal solution for low products up to 100 mm. Depending on your packing process, various versions are possible. Made to measure from 200 m2, we can also provide the packaging with extra folding lines, handles or a perforation line.

Corrugated cardboard Wrapping Packaging
Corrugated Cardboard XXL Boxes

XXL boxes


For large products or for collective orders, pallet boxes, container boxes or XXL packaging are often used as an folding box or as a bottom-lid construction. Made to measure from 200m2 and possibly provided with folding lines, a 'tailgate', handles or a perforation.

Die-cut packaging


Due to the shape of the construction, die-cut packaging (or die-cut boxes) have just that little bit more appearance, which means that they are often used as product packaging. These packs are also quick and easy to set up without tools. Made to measure from 500 m2 and here too we can provide these packaging with extra folding lines, perforation lines and cutouts.

Die-cut Packaging
Custom sized edge protectors

Edge protectors


Solid board edge protectors ensure that the corners of a pallet are not damaged or that goods do not shift during transport. An edge protector also prevents the cutting of strapping tape. Made to measure from 100 pieces with a variable length from 10 to 200 cm. Calculate your price with our configurator!

Printed packing tape


Would you also like to print packaging tape with your own logo or text? It is possible from 1 box! Printed packing tape gives your shipment a professional look. In addition to paper tape, we can also provide your printed PVC or PP-Hotmelt tape. Calculate your price with our configurator!

Printed Paper Tape

We care for packaging

Your product is in good hands with us and we can advise you on the choice of packaging and the use of packaging materials. A complete and extensive range, combined with fast service and high delivery reliability, makes STILMA Packaging your ideal and total one-stop-shopping partner in the world of packaging.

Request information without any obligation for your customized packaging. We are happy to help!